Visionary Art book cover

Visionary Art

Paintings and Poems by Lois H. Constantine

Excerpts from Visionary Art

"The paintings in this collection are mainly of visions that appear to me in that brief period of time when opening the eyes to the morning light. I have painted the pictures as I saw them even though I did not know what they meant. I trusted that they needed to exist.

I view this life as a beautiful journey and have been blessed with the awareness of unconditional love since my first memory, but all through my adult life have lived with a gentle nagging feeling that I am supposed to be doing something more. After I started painting these images, I became aware that I no longer have that feeling.

There have been many times when I had to resist the temptation to “correct” things the artist in me did not want to accept. Each time I started toward the canvas, brush in hand with the intention to correct, I was made aware that I must leave things exactly as they are. I have come to the conclusion that one of the greatest lessons for me is to accept that some things may be perfect in their imperfection.

All of the images are untitled. They appear number one through thirty-six, the order in which they were painted.

The poems included in this collection are here simply as another avenue of life and are not intended to relate to individual paintings."

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